Horse Racing

Paragraph 62

In Horse racing two kinds of bets are possible: betting on SP (Starting Price) or at the fixed odds provided by PlanetWin365.

Starting Price is directly connected to the rules of the nation in which the race take place: both payments and the number of winning horses considered to be 'placed' will follow the respective nation's rules.

A race is considered valid when the official site of the nation in which the listed race takes place (as organizer) shows the results. PlanetWin365 reserves the right to void a race due to the publication of an incorrect horse name, the wrong number of horses taking part in the race or other reasons that may influence the result.
It is not possible to bet on 'forecast' or 'tricast'. It is however possible to place multiple 'place' bets to predict more than one horse to be placed. In a multiple 'place' bet, or in a combination bet, all the horses predicted in a single combination, have to be placed. It is not possible to bet on more than three horses to be placed or two or more winning horses in a race, in a single combination. In the case of a multiple bet the total potential payout is the product of the calculation of all the relevant odds pertaining to the successful selections, because PlanetWin365 does not offer special odds / bonuses for forecast or tricast bets.