Account :

After registering with PlanetWin 365 you can access your account with your login data (user ID and password). You can deposit funds, place bets, withdraw your winnings and transfer funds to other gaming products.

Accumulator (see also Fold) :

An accumulator involves a number of selections with the winnings from the first successful selection being re-invested on to the next selection, this is repeated all the way through the bet and winnings can accumulate in to a large return. All selections must be successful in order for an accumulator to be a winning bet.
For example, a €10.00 treble on:
Liverpool to beat Arsenal at 2.25;
Bogdanovic to beat Nadal at 8.50;
Celtics to beat Lakers at 3.50;
would return €669.37!

This is calculated as follows: €10.00 x 2.25 x 8.50 x 3.50.

Ante-Post :

Antepost bet types could be related to the outcome of a whole competition or to a certain phase of a competition (i.e. Group Stage).

Arbitrage :

A variation in the available odds allows a player to back both sides guaranteeing a win.

Banker :

This is what you believe to be your strongest selection; For example, “Chelsea beating Wycombe Wanderers is a banker'. Normally this kind of selection will be the base of a multiple or combined multiple bet. The Banker must be a winning selection for the overall bet to be winning.

Bankroll :

These are the funds available to a player or punter.

Betcode :

A fast betting system allowing the entry of the event ID / selection ID in order to add to a betslip.

Betslip :

The betslip is the chosen list of selections you are betting on.

Book :

This is a Bookmaker's sum of the amounts bet on each competitor within an event, and the odds necessary to ensure a profit.

Calculating Your Winnings :

The prices or 'odds' displayed (e.g. 4.50) refer to the return you would get from one unit of your stake.
For example :

If you place €10.00 on a team to win at 4.50 you will collect €45.00 (€10.00 x 4.5) if you correctly predict the outcome. You will make a €35.00 profit because in decimal odds the €10.00 stake is included in the total.

Co-Favourites :

Three or more competitors have the lowest odds and consequently share the status of favourite.

Combined Bets :

Also known as "Crossed Bets", this bet type has a number of different bets from a number of different selections. For example; doubles from 5 selections.

Correct Score :

In this bet you must predict the exact final score in a match, for example the correct goals scored by each either team in a soccer match.

Double :

This is a multiple bet which consists of 1 bet involving 2 selections in different events. Both must be successful for the bet to be winning.

Evens :

This is when the amount you stand to win is the same as your stake or 2.00 (1/1 in fractional odds).

First Goal Scorer :

This is a bet in which you have to predict who will score the first goal in a Soccer match.

Fold (4-fold, 5-fold) :

An Accumulator bet, with more than 3 selections. Each selection must be correctly predicted in order for this to be a winning bet.
For example:
4-fold accumulator = 4 selections
5-fold accumulator = 5 selections
6-fold accumulator = 6 selections

Forecast (Straight Forecast) :

This is bet where you have to correctly predict the order of the first two selections. For example: the first two runners in a horse race.

Full Cover :

This is a bet that has all the possible combinations of multiples (doubles, trebles and accumulators) in a given number of selections.

Handicap :

This is a method of making a one-sided event become a more attractive for betting purposes. The outcome of the bet with handicap is obtained by adding the handicap to the final result of the match (or subtracting). The sign (+ or -).
For example if you bet on Munster (-5) to beat Llanelli that would mean that Munster would have to win by more than five points in order for your selection to be winning. Consequently the price of Llanelli would be more attractive.
Handicap bets can also have only 2 possible results (e.g. Tennis / Basketball) and in these instances the handicap will NOT be a whole number. For example if you bet on the Lakers (-10.5) to beat the Celtics, the Lakers would have to win by at least 11 points in order for your bet to be a winning bet.

Head to Head :

This is where you need to select the team, player or competitor that you believe will win a match or event.

HotWin :

A tool that allows you to input how much you want to win and how much you want to bet. The system then compiles a betslip for you with a selection of events to match your desired stake and potential winnings.

House :

This is the operator of a gambling game, such as a casino.

Joint Favourites :

When two selections share the status of favourite. For example, Chelsea and Manchester United may both be joint favourites to win the English Premiership.

Lay :

This is to bet or wager.

Lines :

These are handicaps, pointspreads and odds offered.

Live betting :

Also known as in running betting, this allows the punter to bet on events which are currently under way, such as betting on a football match as it happens. For example you can bet on the next goal, the next corner and many more selection.

Long Odds :

Long odds are those offered on a competitor who is unlikely to win an event (e.g. 100.00).

Long Shot (see also Outsider) :

This is a selection which is unlikely to win and is consequently given higher odds (long odds).

Market Movers :

A statistics tool, showing how punters are betting on a particular event.

Martingale :

This is a betting system based on doubling up your stake.

Multiple :

Also called an accumulator, this bet containing more than one selection, such as a double, treble, 4-fold etc

Nailed On :

“Nailed On” refers to a selection which is considered a sure thing, or guaranteed to win.

Odds :

This is the name for the price offered for a selection to win. The odds will rise or fall depending on the likelihood of the outcome.

Odds Compiler :

This is a person who sets the odds on an event by using research and sporting knowledge.

Odds-Against :

This is when the amount you stand to win is more than your stake. For example anything above 2.00 (evens).

Odds-On :

This is when the amount you stand to win is less than your stake. For example anything below 2.00 (evens).

Outsider :

This is the opposite to the favourite, usually to be found at higher or “long” odds.

Over / Under :

In this bet you need to predict whether the total goals or points scored by the two teams will be over or under a pre-ordained number.

Overround :

This is profit margin in the bookmaker's favour.

Pari-Mutuel :

This is a type of pool betting, in which all bets are put into a pool and the winners are paid out according to the size of this “pool” and how many winners there are.

Pitcher Change :

A Pitcher Change is the late change of the pitcher in a baseball game. This has a greater chance of affecting the outcome of a game as the Pitcher’s role is crucial.

Pointspread (See also Handicap) :

The pointspread, often shortened to “spread” is the advantage that the favourite gives to the underdog.

Potential Winnings (Pot. Winnings) :

This is the potential winnings if every selection in a bet is correct as displayed in a betslip.

Price :

These are the odds offered for a selection.

Punter :

This is a slang term used for someone bets.

Ready Made Bets :

These are a series of betslips, already filled in, with a variety of selections, offering safe bet (Banker) a popular bet (Favourite) and a higher risk bet with long odds (Thriller).

Return :

This is the total amount you receive for a winning bet (including your stake).

Reverse Forecast :

This bet involves 2 selections in 1 race finishing 1st and 2nd but in either order. It is the equivalent of two straight forecasts and comprises two bets.

Single :

This is the simplest of bet types offered. It is one “single” bet on a selection to win For example Barcelona to beat Madrid in a match.

Special Bets :

These are bets on particular occurrences with a game. This could be bets such as 1st Corner or 1st goal in a soccer match. These are referred to as proposition bets in the USA.

Spread Betting :

This is where a bet is won or lost according to whether you correctly predict the result of an event but where the winnings or losses can vary and are calculated in proportion to how right or wrong your prediction was. The risks and rewards are much higher.

Spreads :

There are also known as handicaps.

Stake :

This is the amount of money placed or invested in a bet.

Starting Price (SP) :

The starting price is the price, or odds, just before the start of a race. It is arrived at by taking the average price available in the betting ring on the racecourse shortly before the off.

Sure Thing :

This is any bet that is almost certain to win.


An accumulator bet, with 3 selections. Each selection must be correctly predicted in order for this to be a winning bet.

Tricasts :

In this bet you have to correctly predict the first, second and third in a particular event.

Underdog :

This is term which refers to the least favourite team or player in an event or the team that receives a points start in handicap betting.

Void Bet :

This is a bet which is declared invalid. The stake is returned to your account without deduction.

Walk-Over :

A walk-over occurs when only one participant runs in the race or takes part in the event due to the retirement of the other participants or runners and consequently is automatically the winner. Unless specified otherwise in the betting rules all bets will be void.

Winning Margin :

This is a bet in which you need to predict the winning margin of one team over another.